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Effective and time-tested techniques and lessons to own your mridanga skills so you can play in total confidence in kirtans!

Something For Everyone

Start your learning from the very beginning and even if you already play, continue to improve your skills and discover new beats and techniques.

Learn With Confidence

Start applying what you learn right away. Learn kirtan beats from the very first lessons.

Engaging Lessons

Let’s connect! Join one of our zoom group classes and learn with other students who are in the same level as you, from the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Me As Your Teacher

I started learning Mridanga at the age of 8 and started teaching in 2016 when I was 15 years old. You don’t need to have any pre-music education to start learning Mridanga today. I have specialized in teaching students from the very beginning so anyone can learn. My teaching method is time tested and approved by over 250+ student worldwide.

12+ Years




5+ Years


Mridanga lessons for everyone.

Our classes will help you get started AND take you where you want to go! Follow a personalized structured learning path that I will create for you and learn to play in Kirtans that you most love. See your self playing in kirtan within just 3 months of lessons!

Mridanga Skills You Will Learn

  • Hatsadhana – Handpractice beats that will help you advance in your playing techniques.
  • Learn Kirtan Beats as well as how to sing along with them.
  • Understanding rhythm
  • How to take care of your instrument.
  • Learn how to play in a kirtan and it’s different progressions.
  • Advanced Bhajan techniques.

Start your mridanga training?Look no further!

With over 50+ weekly active students worldwide, and a team of experts we can make sure you'll know how to play this amazing instrument in no time! Click on the button to find out more about our pricing.


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"I was the guy who thought he didn't need a teacher, who could learn everything by himself. When I met Syamesvari she opened my mind in a few days and showed me how great the world of Mridanga is. Philosophy, techniques, in a few weeks I learned rhythms that I always considered impossible to learn."
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"Syamesvari is an amazing mridanga player and teacher. Her class is systematic and very easy to understand. She picks up what I'm doing wrong and gives me a lot of tips in order for me to progress."
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"I had this belief that I could never b good at Mridanga, because I've always struggled so much with taal in Kirtan. But honestly, having classes with Syamesvari changed everything he classes are super light and fun , but she also pushes you when needed, or when she thinks you can take more"
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